Use of composites in the electricity and telecommunications industry

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  Today, the use of composite materials in the electrical industry to make a variety of tools and equipment is increasing. In the last four years in Iran the use of composite materials in tools related to the electrical industry, especially lightning, has increased significantly.
Composite electric poles offered many advantages, the most important of which were lightweight and easy installation in places that were difficult to access. It can not be ignored that wooden or concrete beams can not be used in many places due to their high weight. Wooden poles had problems such as piercing by birds, decay due to moisture, high weight, damage to nature, flammability, lack of corrosion resistance and difficult construction. Composites are now a good alternative to wood, concrete and steel because they go well with all goods. Composite electric beams are non-conductive and inherently safer, lighter, stronger, more durable against storms and adverse weather conditions, extreme cold and other natural disasters.

A brief history of the composite

By the above definition, composite has been in the public eye for years. Old examples of the use of this type of material include flower straw or mummy. The history of composites can be summarized as follows:
• Thatched structures (1500 BC)
• Multi-layered bow, made of animal tendon, wood and silk (1000 BC)
• Impregnation of aircraft fabric surfaces with resin varnish, 1910
• Fabric reinforced phenol, 1930s
• Polyester patent, 1936
• Sales of fibreglass by the company, Owens Corning, 1938
• Manufacture of fibreglass-reinforced plastics at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, 1942
• Manufacture of carbon fibre by the company, Union Carbide 1959
• PAN-based carbon fiber patent, Shido Japan, 1961
• Manufacture of continuous ceramic and boron fibers, 1965
• Made of Kevlar fibers, 1971
• Manufacture of high molecular weight polyethylene fibers, 1985
• Rebirth of natural fibers, 1990

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Composite fabrication technology

There are several steps involved in making a composite piece, such as a composite electric pole or a composite manhole valve, or the like. Composite parts have a long service life, and research shows that they produce little damage to the environment because they produce less carbon dioxide in the air. Another important point is that the composite does not cause toxins to enter the soil, for example, if it is installed in a place of composite beam, the soil of that part will not be damaged.
The two most common processes for manufacturing composite poles are pultrusion and filament winding. The glass reinforcement of continuous strand mats, unidirectional roving, surfacing veils, resins and internal chemicals are laid out and then incorporated into the orientation of glass placement within the desired pultrusion profile. You can contact our experts for specialized information about the manufacturing process of composite parts produced by Ab Sanat Tehran Company. Ways of communication are listed on the Contact Us page. The standard test performed at this stage is the (ASTM) D1036 test.

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More information about composite electric poles

As I mentioned at the beginning, composite lightning poles were well received in the electricity industry market. Now, composite lightning rods are produced with very good resistance and at different heights in Iran, companies involved in power transmission have realized the benefits of composite lightning poles because it also reduces their costs.

Great replacement

Every year, repair companies pay millions of tomans to replace lightning poles that have been damaged in various ways. Termites, accidents and natural disasters are the most important destructive factors of these products. Composite electric poles not only have a low installation cost at first, but also do not need to be replaced and repaired for a long time due to their long service life and high resistance. The electric poles are made in such a way that they can now be easily installed in many places where the old electric poles could not be installed.
You should keep in mind that composite lightning rods can also be installed on a rock, which is a very important advantage.

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Solve problems in coastal areas

People in coastal and humid areas have always faced many problems with the failure of wooden and concrete power poles. Composite lightning poles are now very popular because they do not corrode against salt. This type of electric pole is also resistant to strong winds and makes it easier for specialists to handle problems in critical situations and does not break.

High strength composite poles

As the technology of making composite electric poles is constantly evolving, their durability also improves. For example, there are now electric poles that allow specialists to choose rotating angles. Therefore, lower prices, more useful for the environment, long life, lightweight, easy installation in difficult areas are the most important reasons for the reputation of composite lightning rods.


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