Tehran Ab Sanat Company is one of the first companies in Iran that was established in the field of production of products related to oil, gas, petrochemical and wastewater and has been operating since 1991. This brand has a very well-equipped factory in the Eshtehard region of Karaj and has achieved many successes during these three decades due to its strong management and professional and creative staff.
This company has an exploitation license from the country's Industries and Mines Organization so that all products will be according to world standards. Now we have succeeded in producing a wide variety of composite products and offering them directly to the Iranian market.
Some of Ab Sanat Company products that we are proud of are: Composite Telecommunications Chambers, Telecom Access Manhole Chamber and Composite Manhole Valve.

Our products can be divided into several general categories of telecommunication products, water and sewage, Telecommunications, Communication Infrastructure, Oil, Gas and petrochemicals, Urban and urban development services. We are always ready to serve you with producing good and quality products, reasonable price and free consultation.

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