Ab Sanat Co. is the first producer of composite manhole valves

 Ab Sanat Company is the first producer of composite valves in Iran. The company was founded in 1991 and from the very first year began to research and production of composite manhole valves. After building a factory in Eshtehard industrial town, Ab Sanat took a bigger step in the direction of producing construction products.
In consecutive years, Tehran Ab Sanat Company has developed its products and now it can provide you with a wide range of composite products.
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Where is the address of Ab Sanat Tehran Company?

Address of Ab Sanat company: Unit 708, 7th Floor, sefid tower, Pasdaran, Tehran, Iran

In what field does Ab Sanat Company operate?

Ab Sanat Tehran Industrial Production Unit, relying on the leadership of dynamic management and with the support of R&D unit, specialized and creative personnel and engineers is always the leading and technological production unit in the field of composite products production in the country and the region. This industrial production unit, according to the infrastructure needs of development projects and developing industries, developed its products and gradually completed its product portfolio. In this regard, by using modern technology and equipment, it has been able to use different classes of composite valves. Production room for valves and composite installations, composite hangers, composite sites, composite manholes and composite electric poles for various applications with the best possible quality and observing the highest level of standards.

What are the most important products of Ab Sanat Tehran Company?

Composite valves, valves and composite installations, Handel composite, Manhole and Manhole composite valves, electric beams, composite valve wrenches are the most important products of Ab Sanat Tehran Indust Company.

How to contact Ab Sanat Tehran Company?

You can use the services of Ab Sanat Company by visiting Ab Sanat Tehran website or by calling these phone numbers. 22553954 - 22553955 - 021 and 22579248 - 22760499 - 021 and 22551672 - 22589501 - 021